Curriculum Vitae of Rainer Gerlich

Name:Rainer Gerlich
Year of birth:1945
Current position: Founder and Head of Company, Systems and Software Engineer at GSSE
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Author of 111 Thesen zur erfolgreichen Softwareentwicklung, Springer, 2005.

Main Activities

  • Management and coaching of software projects
  • Consulting in strategy and problem solution
  • Definition and development of project management tools
  • Organisation of the software development process
  • Software architecture and test management
  • Safety and mission critical software
  • Automated system and software generation
  • Automated software test (incl. generation of test inputs)
  • Model-based development, model-driven architecture
  • Embedded systems, GUIs

Application Domains

Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Engineering, Telecommunication, Automation

Methodological Competence

  • Model-Driven Engineering
  • Various development methods, own methods regarding software automation and quality are ahead of state-of-the-art as required by standards
  • Process improvement, efficiency analyses, risk analyses, quality analyses, workflow improvement
  • Requirements validation
  • Management of contractual interfaces
  • Software metrics for quality assurance, tailored tools for quantitative measurement of properties of software systems
  • Model-based development incl. verification and validation of models and code generator based on automatons


1976 "Dr. rer. nat." of University of Marburg, Germany in Theoretical High Energy Physics
1971 "Diplom-Physiker" of University of Marburg, Germany in Experimental Nuclear Physics

Relevant Experience

1996- GSSE System and Software Engineering Dr. Rainer Gerlich
1991-1996 Space Electronics & Control Division at Dornier
1984-1991 Space Division / Automation and Control Department at Dornier
1978-1983 Consulting Division at Dornier

Programming Languages

    UML, AADL, Ada, C, SDL, FORTRAN, COBOL, PL/1, LISP, REDUCE, SNOBOL, ALGOL, BASIC, Assembler (various dialects)

Operating Systems

  • UN*X(Solaris, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Microsoft® Windows™, Microsoft® DOS™
  • Mac OS 9
  • VxWorks
  • MVS/JCL(IBM mainframe)
  • VMS, RSX-11 (DEC)
  • Siemens ORG/PV


2009 extension of the automated test approach for DCRTT
2009 Definition of an integrated approach to cross-system engineering and project management
2009 Consulting of SMEs in the area of process improvement
2008 Quality and risk analyses for a major IT-project in telecommunication area
2008 Project planning based on SPM (Systematic Project Management) in telecommunication area
2008 Requirements engineering based on SRM (Systematic Requirements Management) in telecommunication area
2008 Coaching of a major IT-project in telecommunication area
2007-2008 manager of a DLR project on quality and risk analyses for space software
2007 Classification and harmonisation of diverging product configuration data in the area of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
2007 Coaching of requirements engineering in telecommunication area
2007 Definition of an approach for automated verification of the ISG code generator chain (CGV tool, Code Generator Verification)
2006 Quality analyses of requirement based on SRM in telecommunication area
2006 Quality analyses of project planning based on SPM in telecommunication area
2006- Definition of an approach for verification and validation of requirements (SRM tool)
2006- Definition of an approach for verification of workpackage contents and interfaces / dependencies (SPM tool)
2005- definition and implementation of a fully automated approach (incl. generation of test inputs) for C software (DCRTT tool)
2005 auto-integration of Ada and C code for model-based auto-code generation
2004-2005 manager of AISSV (Automated ISVV) project for ESA/ESTEC (quality and risk analyses) based on full test automation
2004 definition and implementation of a fully automated approach (incl. generation of test inputs) for Ada software (DARTT tool)
2004-2008 manager of GSSE subcontract for CEC contract ASSERT (Automated proof-based System and Software Engineering for real-time systems)
2004-2006 manager of GSSE subcontract for ESA/ESTEC contract ACG (Automatic Code Generation)
2003- other (confidential) projects outside space
2003 infotainment project in automotive
2002-2003 concept for high precision, contactless 3D tool positioning system (development of algorithms, simulation, verification, user handling)
2002- automated generation of the complete software required for hierarchical GUIs (Java) and C interfaces from C type declarations
2000-2002 development of a "Virtual User" for Macintosh platform covering automated verification of GUIs (Tool: AutoPilot)
1999 validation of the MSL (Material Science Laboratory on ISS) software
1999-2000 provision of real-time infrastructure and data processing software for MSL
1998-1999 development of the ISG environment for automated and instantaneous software generation
1997-2001 ESPRIT CRISYS on "Critical Control Systems", validation of distributed control systems in the areas of nuclear technology, aircrafts, petrochemistry, automation
1998 portation of online maintenance technology for Ada to Sparc architecture and Aonix/Alsys and GNAT Ada compilers in the course of the project OnlineM
1997-1998 design and development of CADIS (Call data Acquisition and Distribution Integrated System) in cooperation with SingTel Paging (Singapore Telecom) and T-Mobil (German Telecom)
1997 OPAL study on Online Data Interchange standard for Eurocontrol Experimental Centre in Bretigny
1996 ESTEC evaluation of executable specifications: specification and code generation with SDL tools
1996 Design and Implementation of EaSySim II
1995-1996 Manager for subcontract of study on "Data Management System Design Validation" (DDV) at Dornier
1994-1995 Manager for subcontract for the SOFTPAR project (ESPRIT 8451) at Dornier
1993-1995 Manager for ESTEC study OMBSIM ("On-Board Management System Behavioural Simulation")
1993 Responsible for interface to ECLSS Flight Application Software
1992-1994 Manager for subcontract of study on "Highly Reliable DMS and Simulation" at Dornier
1990-1992 Software Engineering COLUMBUS ECLSS (APM/MTFF)
1990 Member of COLUMBUS/MATIS team at Dornier
1990 Software Engineering for COLUMBUS GNC (MTFF)
1987-1990 Software Engineering for COLUMBUS RM (Resource Module MTFF)
1987-1988 Software Engineering for ROTEX Robotics Experiment for German D2-Mission
1986-1992 Manager of Dornier in-house studies on
  • Ada Benchmarks
  • GEODE performance evaluation
  • Ada compiler performance evaluation
  • Real-Time Simulation Environment
  • Random Test Generator for Ada procedures
  • Dynamic Configuration with Ada
  • Ada for Robotics Applications
  • Ada/C language interfaces
  • Add-On tools to ASA
1986-1989 Manager for "Study on AOCS Embedded Software Design" (Phases I and II)
1986 Manager for development of software for graphical display of radar tracks
1985 Image processing (classification of one-dim. structures) Proposal Manager for "Study on Star Pattern Recognition" Contribution to "End Effector Development" Study
1984 Design and development of Star Catalogue Generation Software for IPS, Analysis of Star Identification Procedures for IPS, Analysis of Star Acquisition Probabilities for IPS
Test Equipment Specification for EURECA, Phase B
1978-1983 Project Management, Definition of Dialogue- and Data Base Software, Human Interfaces, Fail-operational / fail-safe data base concepts for automated fire guard centre
1975-1978 Computer-aided classification of lattice framework Design of electronic equipment for scientific applications
1971-1975 For physical application: Symbol manipulation in High Energy Physics (LISP, REDUCE)