Highlights in GSSE History

2010 extension of DCRTT to symbolic identification of test stimuli in supporting 100% block coverage and MC/DC (modified, conditional decision coverage)
2010 Identification of blockers in software standards preventing higher efficiency of development processes
2009 Definition of a concept for improvement of cross-system engineering and project management
2008 Quality analyses of SOA and UML aproaches in the area of IT systems.
2008 Fully automated testing of C source code of an on-board system, classification of fault types, systematic approach to detection of sporadic, dormant and non-anticipated faults
2007 Definition of a concept for automated verification of the ISG code generator
2007 Classification and harmonisation of products in the context of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
2006 Methodological approach to verification of project planning based on ESA's approach to work breakdown
2006 Adaptation and extension of the ISG approach to IT systems in the area of requirements engineering
2006 Independent verification and validation of a fault-tolerant on-board system, identification of non-anticipated faults
2005 First version of DCRTT for fully automated testing of C source code
2005 Springer Xpert press, ISBN-10 3-540-20910-7, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: 111 Thesen zur erfolgreichen Softwareentwicklung (111 Propositions to successful software development)
2005 Fully automated testing of 70000 lines of Ada code (MSU=Monitoring and Safety Unit, 800 subprograms, Cat. A = highest safety category) in the context of ESA's ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle to ISS)
2004 Fully automated testing of 1 Mio. lines of Ada code (FAS=Flight Application Software, 5500 subprograms, Cat. C) in the context of ESA's ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle to ISS), check of compliance between Ada code and mission database, verification of behaviour based on Ada code.
2003 ISGL = ISG Language, definition of a domain-specific language covering all aspects required to define the functional and non-functional properties of distributed and/or real-time systems
2003 OCS-3D, high precision determination of position and attitude (5 DOF) of an object with one camera only
2003 Automated generation of code to establish the database, to access the data and to manage the access rights, to present the data by a GUI from a single source by a user-defined format. First version does support SQL and Java.
2002 Automatic generation of user interfaces from data structure definitions
2002 AutoPilot ported to Mac OS X
2001 AutoPilot, fully automated environment for GUI testing on Mac OS 8, 9
2001 architecture evaluation and identification of non-anticipated faults for a high redundant backup power supply in the context of CRISYS (EU EP 25 514, Critical Systems)
2000 verification and validation of the distributed, real-time infrastructure, telecommanding and data processing chain (acquisition, calibration, limit monitoring, generic exception handling, telemetry frame generation) for ESA's MSL (Material Science Laboratory)
1999 Instantaneous System and Software Generation, environment transforming a specification into a distributed, real-time system and test environment wothout any human intervention
1998 Online-M, online maintenance of Ada code = maintenance of parts of an operational system without any need to interrupt operations
1998 CADIS, Fault-Tolerant, Wide-Area Acquisition and Archiving System for Billing Data
1997 OPAL, Verification of the OLDI-Protocol for Air Traffic Management (report at Eurocontrol)
1996 Methodological approach to incremental definition and verfication and validation of a fault-tolerant on-board system