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Document: Fault Identification Strategies

Fault Identification Strategies [00071]
EventDASIA 2009
Date26 May 2009 - 29 May 2009
LocationIstanbul, Turkey

Various strategies for fault identification exist - e.g. based on formal analysis of code or on testing - of which each focuses on certain identification aspects and fault types. This paper characterises the strengths and weaknesses of methods – in theory and practice - focusing on application-independent identification strategies, and it suggests strategies to maximise the number of detected faults while minimising the related effort. Fault activation conditions are discussed in detail, resulting in an extended scope on stimulation needs. In particular, the contribution of automation in raising the activation probabilities is investigated. Various examples of fault activation mechanisms and statistics on fault types vs. identification methods are provided as observed in practice. An interesting result is the identification of application-dependent test cases by application-independent test strategies.