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Papers 1994

EaSyVaDe: Early Validation of System Design by Behavioural Simulation [00040]
Event3rd ESTEC Workshop on Simulators for European Space Programmes
Date15 Nov 1994 - 19 Nov 1994
LocationESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
This paper was presented during the 3rd ESTEC Workshop on Simulators for European Space Programmes, November 15th - 17th 1994 at ESTEC, Noordwijk.
Tuning Ada Programs in Advance [00041]
EventEurospace Symposium "Ada in Europe"
Date26 Sep 1994 - 30 Sep 1994
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
A Cost Estimation Model for Maintenance and High Reuse [00042]
EventEuropean Cost Modelling Conference
Date11 May 1994 - 13 May 1994
LocationIvrea near Torino, Italy
Early Validation of a DMS (Data Management System) Design by a Reusable Simulation Environment [00043]
EventEurospace On-Board Data Management Symposium on "Technology and Applications for Space Data Management System"
Date25 Jan 1994 - 27 Jan 1994
LocationRome, Italy