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Papers 1999

Procurement of a SDL Model for Behavioural Validation of MSL [00019]
Date9 Nov 1999
This is the final report of the ESA study on behavioural validation of MSL.
A Method for the Incremental Software Development and Validation of Complex Distributed Systems [00066]
EventINCOSE meeting
Date29 Sep 1999
LocationBosch telecom, Backnang, Germany
In the presentation application of incremental development and validation in the area of complex distributed systems was explained.
Organizing Incremental, Reusable and Automated Software Development [00020]
Date17 May 1999 - 21 May 1999
LocationLisbon, Portugal
Description of an approach for incremental software development and validation applying automated generation of an executable system from a minimum of system engineering information.
Verification with SDL - Some Hints about How to reduce size of state space [00021]
DateJan 1999
This paper gives advice how to master state explosion.