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Papers 2001

Automated Software Production(ISG/ASaP) [00005]
DateDec 2001

The ISG/ASaP approach allows automated system generation from engineering information and to immediately build an executable system from engineering level.

This approach has already been successfully applied to provide the infrastructure and major parts of the application software for the Material Science Laboratory aboard the International Space Station(ISS).

Kosteneinsparung und Qualitätsverbesserung durch Automation in der System- und Softwareentwicklung(German) [00006]
EventKooperationsForum Computer Hard- und Software
Date24 Oct 2001
LocationBerlin, Germany
This paper describes the potential of ISG/ASaP for cost-savings and quality improvements.
Software Development of Embedded Systems by ISG - To Be Faster at Less Costs and Higher Quality [00007]
DateOct 2001
This paper describes the benefits of ISG/ASaP in the context of embedded systems.
ISG and Software Quality [00008]
DateJul 2001
The impact on the improvement of software quality by ISG/ASaP is discussed by this paper.
Platform-Dependent (Cost) Impacts on Portability, Software Reuse and Maintenance [00009]
EventDASIA 2001
Date28 May 2001 - 1 June 2001
LocationNice, France
This paper describes the challenges of maintaining software on different platforms.
Automation in der Softwareentwicklung - ausfürhbare Progrfamme ohne Programmierung mit ISG (Instantaneous System and Software Generation) erzeugen [00065]
EventArbeitskreis Studenten und Jungingenieure, VDI
Date28 Apr 2001
LocationFH Sigmaringen-Albstadt, Albstadt, Germany
The presentation covered application of automation in the area of software engineering and included a demo of generation of a distributed realtime system with 16 processes within ca. 40 minutes.
Performance and Robustness Engineering: From A Conflict Towards Fair Coexistence [00010]
Event2nd Workshop Performance Engineering in der Softwareentwicklung
Date26 Apr 2001
LocationUniversität der Bundeswehr Munich, Germany
This paper discusses the potential conflict between performance and robustness issues of software development.
Be Faster on The Market at Less Costs by ISG [00011]
DateFeb 2001
A comparison of the conventional and the ISG life-cycle and evaluation of cost savings by ISG.