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Category Ada

Distributed and Parallel Systems and HOOD4 [00038]
EventAda in Europe'95 conference
Date02 Oct 1995 - 06 Oct 1995
LocationFrankfurt/Main, Germany
This paper was presented during the Ada in Europe'95 conference October 02nd - 06th 1995 in Frankfurt/Main.
Tuning Ada Programs in Advance [00041]
EventEurospace Symposium "Ada in Europe"
Date26 Sep 1994 - 30 Sep 1994
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
A Random-Testing Environment for Ada Programs [00044]
EventEurospace Symposium "Ada in Aerospace"
DateNov 1993
Dynamische Konfiguration mit Ada [00045]
EventAda Deutschland
Date1 Apr 1993
LocationStuttgart, Germany
Deterministic Scheduling with Ada: Simulation of a Tasking Approach [00047]
EventEurospace Symposium "Ada in Aerospace"
Date9 Nov 1992 - 13 Nov 1992
LocationVienna, Austria
Dynamic Configuration with Ada [00048]
Event10th Annual National Conference on Ada Technology
Date24 Feb 1992 - 27 Feb 1992
LocationWashington, USA
An Object-Oriented Approach to Real-Time Processing [00049]
EventEurospace Symposium "Ada in Aerospace"
DateNov 1991
LocationRome, Italy
Run-Time Linking and On-Line Mode Management with Ada [00051]
EventESA 1st Conference on Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control
DateMay 1991
The presentation included a demo on the PC platform.
On-Line Replacement and Reconfiguration of Ada Real-Time Software [00053]
EventEurospace Symposium Ada in Aerospace
DateDec 1990
LocationBarcelona, Spain
The presentation included a demo on the PC platform.
Mixing Ada and C Language [00057]
EventEurospace Ada Working Group
DateDec 1989
LocationParis, France
Supporting the Transition from C to Ada [00061]
EventESA Workshop on the Management and Engineering of Ada Software within European Space Projects
Date14 May 1986 - 15 May 1986
LocationESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands