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Category Safety Critical & Fault Tolerant Systems

Down-scaling Generation, Verification and Validation of Software into the Range of Hours: The Benefits of Complete Formalisation and Automation [00012]
DateOct 2000
This paper discusses the advantages of formalisation and automation of software production and the challenges yet to master with current operation platforms.
ISG and Synchronous Systems [00013]
DateOct 2000
This presentation summarizes the results as obtained by ISG/ASaP in the course of the ESPRIT project CRISYS (EP 25514). The goal was to evaluate the robustness in presence of time-jitter and fault-injection for a critical distributed control system.
With Executable Models through the Life Cycle [00031]
EventFEmSys'97 Workshop on Formal Design of Safety Critical Embedded Systems
Date16 Apr 1997 - 18Apr 1997
LocationMunich, Germany
The presentation included a tool demonstration.
Improving Computer-Aided Management of Social Processes by Techniques Applied to Safety-Critical Systems [00032]
EventCSR 13th Annual Workshop "Design for Protecting the User"
Date11 Sep 1996 - 13 Sep 1996
LocationBürgenstock near Luzern, Switzerland
GIFTBox: A Guide to master Distributed, Heterogeneous Systems [00033]
DateJun 1996
Describes a generic architecture and decomposition scheme.
Formal Methods for the Validation of Autonomous Spacecraft Fault Tolerance [00035]