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Category Tool Integration

Simulation of a System's Behaviour and its Physical Environment: How to master Tool Integration [00022]
EventESA'98 4th conference on simulators
Date3 Nov 1998 - 5 Nov 1998
LocationESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
This paper was presented during the ESA'98 4th conference on simulators, November 3th-5th 1998 in Noordwijk. It shows BSSE's experience with tool integration.
Lessons learned by the use of (C)OTS [00023]
EventDASIA'98 conference
Date25 May 1998 - 28 May 1998
LocationAthens, Greece
This paper was presented during the DASIA'98 conference, May 25th-28th 1998 in Athens. It shows BSSE's experience with the use of (Commercial-)Off-The-Shelf-Software based on a project dealing with the integration of a number of (C)OTS packages and software developed from scratch.
Experience with Validation by Simulation, Automated Code Generation and Integration [00030]
Date26 May 1997 - 29 May 1997
LocationSevilla, Spain
The presentation included an online demonstration on a Sparc Workstation and a PC laptop.