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Category Requirements Engineering

Cleared Direct To Target - Approaching the Target System at a Touch via Simulation [00075]
EventAirTec 2010
Date2 Nov 2010 - 4 Nov 2010
LocationFrankfurt am Main, Germany
This paper describes an improved process for development of software for critical systems fully bridging the gap between a specification and an executable target version by an automaton. The process covers the broad class of distributed and/or fault-tolerant and/or real-time systems, and meets the needs of critical systems. It has its roots in the space domain.
Tool-Guided, Domain-Specific, Systematic Requirements Management [00072]
EventDASIA 2010
Date1 Jun 2010 - 4 Jun 2010
LocationBudapest, Hungary
The importance of the quality of requirements for successful execution and completion of a project from a technical and contractual point of view is being recognized more and more. Many methods are targeted to improve the support for collecting requirements while still focusing on natural language. However, the ambiguities in the semantics of natural language are the biggest obstacles towards success. The approach presented in this paper focuses on the elements of a domain while keeping the expressiveness of natural names and terms and introducing clear semantics. This brings the advantage that immediate verification of the human-provided inputs is possible, immediate contributions to validation are available and inconsistencies can be detected by a tool immediately. This leads to guidance of an engineer by a tool towards consistent, complete and correct requirements - requirements of high quality - and eases maintenance for the same reasons. As most of the complexity is handled by the tool due to its good knowledge on the domain, the approach is scalable towards large specifications. Several examples of application domains are described which illustrate the universality and feasibility of the approach across domain boundaries.
Model Transformation in Practice [00073]
EventDASIA 2007
Date29 May 2007 - 1 Jun 2007
LocationNaples, Italy
The intention of this paper is to highlight the benefits of model exchange between different tools, methods and notations on one side, and to identify issues of proper modelling on the other side which have been detected during model transformation and code generation from models.