AutoPilot is a script-based automated testing tool for graphical user interfaces (GUIs) currently available on Mac OS 9/X.

Microsoft™ Windows® will be provided depending on customer demand.

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AutoPilot features

The script-language

AutoPilot is based on a C/C++-like script-language with strong typing. The scripts are compiled before execution so syntactical or semantical errors are found at compile-time not at run-time.

Scripting by point-and-click: The Script Wizard

A script-wizard provides for fast and easy script generation by point-and-click. Over 600 functions from nearly 30 categories (window-, dialog-, control- or menu-operations, script-synchronization, etc.) are already provided and specialized functions (e.g. conversion-functions for enumerations) can be generated within a jiffy.

Scripts from recorded actions

You can generate scripts by "teach-in". AutoPilot generates a script from your recorded actions on which you can base your development. The script includes correct timing data, making it possible to play-back the actions in "real-time" or "as-fast-as-possible" (ignoring the timing data).

Online training (under construction)

Computer-based-training for the whole function library: Select a function and have AutoPilot propose parameters for you. The ideal tool for copy-and-paste script-development. Each function is thoroughly documented in the provided manual.

...and many more!

  • automated script generation from spreadsheets, event tracking, autocode generator
  • event and action tracing
  • remote script execution / networking capabilities
  • verification capabilities
  • huge library of utility script-functions
  • time-tagged and event-triggered script execution, synchronisation of scripts by (named) semaphores
  • test coverage, tracking and analysis
  • image processing
  • random data generation (context-driven)