Curriculum Vitae of Ralf Gerlich

Name:Ralf Gerlich
Year of birth:1981
Current position: Software Engineer, Technical Consultant and Systems Administrator at BSSE (PGP key)
Profiles:ResearchGate LinkedIn


Co-Author of 111 Thesen zur erfolgreichen Softwareentwicklung, Springer, 2005.

Main Activities

  • Project Management, Development of tools for project management
  • Automated System and Software Generation
  • Automated software test (incl. generation of test inputs)
  • Model-Driven Engineering, Design and Application of Domain-Specific Languages
  • Embedded Systems from System-Level to "Bare Metal"
  • Database Management, Graphical User Interfaces

Application Domains

Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Engineering, Telcommunication, Automation

Methodological Competence

  • Model-Driven Engineering
  • Various development methods, own methods regarding software automation and quality are ahead of state-of-the-art as required by standards
  • Process improvement, efficiency analyses, risk analyses, quality analyses, workflow improvement
  • Requirements validation
  • Management of contractual interfaces
  • Software metrics for quality assurance, tailored tools for quantitative measurement of properties of software systems
  • Model-based development incl. verification and validation of models and code generator based on automatons


2009 "Dr. rer. nat." of University of Ulm, Germany in Computer Science on constraint-based software test data generation
2005 "Diplom-Informatiker" of University of Ulm, Germany; diploma thesis on "Size-Optimising Automatic Random Testcase Set Generation for Verification and Validation"

Civil Services

2000-2001 civil services at the office for environmental affairs at Landratsamt Bodenseekreis (county administration)

Relevant Experience

1996- Software Engineer, Systems Administrator and Technical Consultant at BSSE


UML, AADL, Ada, BASIC, C/C++, SDL, Java, Python, Perl, PHP, PROLOG, CHR, Assembler (various dialects)

Operating Systems

  • UN*X(Solaris, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Microsoft® Windows™, Microsoft® DOS™
  • Mac OS 9

Areas of Interest

  • automated, model-driven software engineering (MBSE)
  • systematic requirements engineering
  • model-based software test (MBST/MBT)
  • automatic test, random testing
  • (distributed) realtime systems
  • theory and practice of constraint programming
  • design and implementation of compilers and codegenerators
  • distributed systems (network architecture, safety and security)
  • mathematics, physics, spaceflight and avionics


2009- Implementation of an automatic test data generation and WCET estimation framework for C (ISO/IEC 9899:1999)
2005-2009 Definition of a generic formal framework for constraint-based and automated test data generation in the context of a PhD thesis
2009 Consulting of SMEs in the area of process improvement
2008 Quality and risk analysis for a major IT-project in telecommunication area
2008 Project planning based on APV in telecommunication area
2008 Requirements engineering based on RVV in telecommunication area
2007-2008 support of a DLR project on quality and risk analyses for space software
2007 Coaching of requirements engineering in telecommunication area
2006 Quality analyses of requirements based on RVV in telecommunication area
2006 Quality analyses of project planning based on APV in telecommunication area
2006- Implementation of an approach for verification and validation of requirements (RVV tool)
2006- Implementation of an approach for verification of work package contents and interfaces / dependencies (APV tool)
2005 ASSERT, definition of UML meta-model for ISG, Java code generator from ISG meta-model (UML)
2004-2006 ACG project (ESA), methodology for automated code generation, quality analyses of models, implementation for UML-to-ISG-Bridge
2004-2005 AISVV project (ESA / DLR), reverse-engineering of ATV Ada software for verification of FSMs
2003 automated generation of GUIs from XML specifications
2003 design and implementation of ISGL, the ISG specification language
2002 automated generation of the complete software required for hierarchical GUIs (Java) and C interfaces from C type declarations
2000-2002 development of a "Virtual User" for Macintosh platform covering automated verification of GUIs (Tool: AutoPilot): proof-of-concept, design and implementation of AutoPilot script-language
1998-1999 development of the ISG environment for automated and instantaneous software generation
1997- autonomous research and development on an adaptible distributable hard-realtime-conforming microkernel for use in fault-tolerant systems
1997-1998 CADIS (Call Data Acquisition and Distribution Integrated System): fault-tolerant distributed system for acquisition and processing of call data in telecommunication systems
1996- system administration and maintenance for PC, Macintosh and Sparc, DOS, MS-Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS9 + OSX, peripheral hardware (LAN, WAN), web applications