ASaP (Automated Software Production) covers the complete production process based on an abstract definition of what to do down to generation of a user feedback by the executable system without requiring any human intervention.

ASaP tools are already available for the area of distributed and/or real-time systems, embedded systems, and following topics related to this area: generation of the distributed (real-time) infrastructure, distributed, synchronised databases, data acquisition, calibration, monitoring, telemetry frame generation, system commanding.

The generation process accepts inputs in ISGL, spreadsheets or any other equivalent input set expressed in a user-defined format.

More features:

  • Automated verification,
  • test case generation,
  • stress testing,
  • fault injection,
  • reporting on completeness and consistency, test coverage, performance figures and profiles.

For other application areas the ASaP concept can be adapted.

ASaP tools have been used to generated software for a complex ISS (International Space Station) application.

Recent evaluation of projects yields the following results:

  • Productivity: an equivalent of more than 5 man-years can be automatically generated within one hour on a PC-800MHz.
  • Quality: the evaluated bug rates are in the range of 10-5 per LOC (first delivered version of ISG environment) or even down to zero!

Available Development Platforms:

  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • other UN*X platforms should be supportable

Available Target Platforms:

  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • other UN*X platforms should be supportable
Each of these are supported on both Sparc and Intel platforms.